Forget glue, this liquid plastic welder is 50X stronger and doesn’t make a sticky mess

What if there was a pocket-sized 3D printer that you could use in almost any DIY project or repair to bond, fix, fill, or build objects?

Well, now it actually exists! It’s called Bondic and you can get yours today.

A new type of super-adhesive

In the dental industry, a similar UV curing adhesive is used for tooth fillings and braces. Phil Haywood, a dentist from the US started using the technology for repairs and countless other applications. Quickly, he realized that the technology also had massive potential outside the dental industry.

He teamed up with a chemical engineer and 2 years later, Bondic was born.

Meet Bondic

Bondic is not a glue, it’s a revolutionary liquid plastic welder that only hardens when it’s exposed to UV light. Our technology is proven to be much stronger than any other adhesive on the market.

Resealable cap
UV light
Precision applicator
Liquid Bondic compound

How does Bondic work?

Bondic is the first commercially available form of this adhesive. Our patented technology is incredibly strong because it operates differently than any other glue. The Bondic compound stays liquid until you want it to harden. As soon as it’s exposed to UV light, it hardens into one of the toughest bonding agents available.

Step 1

Sand the surface of the object you want to repair. Create a rough surface for a strong permanent bond.

Step 2

Apply the liquid plastic to the desired area. Apply multiple layers for a strong bond.

Step 3

Cure the liquid plastic with the UV light. It only takes 4 seconds before it gets as hard as a rock.

Bondic works where glue fails

Don’t think of Bondic as another type of glue. Bondic is not a glue and does not work like a glue. But you can do things with Bondic that won’t work with glue. You have to think of Bondic as something that creates new material; kind of like a freestyle 3D printer that fits in your pocket!

The possibilities are endless

Bondic takes adhesives to another level. There are no limits to what you can do with it. Bondic can bond, build, fill, or fix anything and it works with different materials like metal, wood, glass, plastic, ceramic, fabric, etc.

Bondic features

Bondic is the first UV curing adhesive available for commercial use and it’s here to satisfy even the most demanding DIYers and professionals.

UV curing technology

Bondic is made from a revolutionary UV curing compound. It only takes 4 seconds to go from liquid to hard as a rock when exposed to UV light.

No sticky fingers

Bondic doesn’t stick your fingers like glue. It feels like liquid which makes it super easy to clean up in case you make a mess.

Water & heat resistant

Unlike many glues, repairs done with Bondic can handle extreme heat, cold, and water.

Long shelf life

Bondic lasts for years! It stays liquid and won’t dry out like all those crazy glues on the market.

Control over hardening

Bondic only hardens when you need it to. You have full control over the hardening process unlike glue that hardens as soon as it’s exposed to air.

Precision applicator

Bondic lets you make repairs with the utmost precision thanks to its fine tip applicator for precise dosages.

Get Bondic for $19.99

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Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers say about Bondic. People all over the world are using it right now and have shared their experience with us.


Received my Bondic kit yesterday and it has exceeded my expectations. I tested it on some bolts, a couple pieces of wood and metal, and it did a great job. Also, it’s very easy to use and cures in seconds.


Fast shipping and it comes in a nice little case! I’ve used it a couple times now and I have to admit that it’s a great alternative to glue.


I’ve been using Bondic for the last couple months. I’ve used up the first tube for about 8-12 repairs and little projects which is pretty nice. But it all depends on the size of the object and the amount you use. I’ve already ordered an extra pack of refills with 50% off.


I was a bit worried that this wouldn’t work for the project I’m working on, but it worked just fine! Using Bondic is easier and faster than glue.


Mine came in a few weeks ago. Works fine! I’ve used it to repair and insulate a couple wires and I must say that I’m impressed. It’s cures superfast and it’s very easy to use. I definitely recommend this product.


Works much better than superglue. It doesn’t make a mess and you can reposition the parts until you want to harden the repair and make it permanent. Also, it works right out of the box, so no need to buy batteries for the UV light.


This is perfect for crafts and repairs. It can do so much more than glue and it comes in a nice little box!


It works like a charm, but shipping was quite slow. It took more than 2 weeks.


Bondic works fine, and I’m using it a lot! The repairs that I’ve done seem to be very strong and hold up nicely.


Bondic is a gamechanger! It cures in 4 seconds, doesn’t make a mess and it’s cheaper than most superglues. I would recommend it!


Great service and fast delivery! It’s just what I needed to finish my project. I’m 100% satisfied with the result thanks to Bondic.